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  Started in summer 2001, xname.org provides a free DNS server for everyone (engine released under GPL).
XName.org has now two DNS servers, with load balancing soon on them. It can be used for both primary and secondary purposes, by anyone.
Feel free to use it - go on www.xname.org !

  Kazar Association is XName.org's IP hoster - it provides rackspace and bandwidth. XName association is a Kazar partner, and as president of XName, I'm vice-president and honorific member of Kazar association.
We are building a totally redundant and independent architecture, based on BGP and a Provider Independent IP class. So if you're looking for an independent hoster (mutualized or dedicated), contact us !

  In 1998, there was noup-to-date french information site about Linux and free software. A french association arose, LinuxFr, with it's web site, LinuxFr.org. I'm not very active on the web site, I'm just one of the co-funders, and one of of the servers admins (see LinuxFr Team).

  UUCP is an "old" way of retrieving mails. Secured over SSH, it permits to retrieve mails for your domains from everywhere. Started in 2002, UUCPSSH.org has been developped especially for this purpose, letting everyone having its own mail server, even if not connected 24h/day.

  I'm the french translator of the Linux VPN-Masquerade-HOWTO. Original version from John D. Hardin is available here, and translated version here.
This translation is part of the french translation project, Traduc.org.

InterScan VirusWall
  InterScan VirusWall is an antivirus product from TrendMicro, but it was only ported to Linux for RedHat. I provided a patch to use it on Debian, before they released a debian version.
My patch might be used anyway if you wish to use sendmail instead of Postfix, as they released the Debian version with Postfix support only.
Note that my patch work only for old releases of Interscan Viruswall, as they didn't integrate any of my modification (which were totally non-agressive) in their code - including the cleaning parts...
It can be found at perso.linuxfr.org/hirou/projects/InterScan.

Security Bugware
  In september 2001, Hrvoje Crvelin decided to stop his work : he created and maintained a web site, with bugs, exploits and solutions in a very clear way.
As it was one of our Security bugs daily visited page, Jitsu & me, we decided together to continue this work. For this purpose, we built a French non-profit organisation.
SecurityBugware site has been stopped in April 2003.
If you're looking for some (now old) bugs, try my search engine : search.securitybugware.org.

Email addresses @hirou.org
  If you're here because you're in touch with people having an email address in @hirou.org, it's necessary a people from my family. For example, you can reach me at yann at hirou.org.
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